By Alvin Mason

Just as important as Exercising for improved health is an improved diet. A good diet will give your body nutrition which will enhance your energy. A proper diet will help the body fight diseases.

It is important to know that a new exercise routine will increase your appetite. For people who are trying to lose weight it will take discipline as your body tells your mind it wants food.

One very important aspect of an improved diet is drinking good quality water. I advocate bottled or filtered water. At least 4 (8oz) servings a day. That does not mean you have to drink 8oz all at one time.

As I stated in the training program that the ideal situation is:

  1. A Workout
  2. Breakfast
  3. Devotion

If you can accomplish these before going to work I can almost guarantee your day will go better. Having devotion or your workout during another part of the day is fine, but develop a routine.

Everyone’s schedule and/or health issues will not always allow the workout; breakfast; and devotion in that order. If you have to eat first, by all means eat first. I suggest that you eat, have devotion then workout to give your food time to digest. This first meal will not be a big meal.

One key to losing weight is to get your metabolism to speed up. Exercise, eating right, drinking good water, and resting properly will have you looking better and feeling better.


You should start your day with fruit and wholegrains. One egg any style, but cooked with olive oil is fine 2 or 3 times a week. Juices are fine but I recommend juices that are not from concentrate. Coffee and Milk are fine as long as you are not breaking Doctors orders.

Once a week you can have a big breakfast but not as big as breakfast used to be. When I say big I mean meat and pancakes or a biscuit with eggs and fruit.

Lunch or Dinner

There should be one big meal a day. That big meal should not be too late. You do not want to go to sleep on a full stomach. When you go to sleep after eating your mind and body don’t rest as well. The reason is because your body is working to digest the food. You should not lay down on a full stomach. If you eat and lay on the bed your upper body should be raised. When you sleep your body should be flat.

The Light Meal

Carrot Sticks, celery or lettuce nuts of any kind or peanut butter on whole wheat.


Apples grapes, oranges or any fruit and nuts of any kind or peanut butter on whole wheat.

The Big Meal

If you are a vegetarian you know what to eat.


All food should be baked and not fried. Once a week you can treat yourself if you did right the other days.

The entre should be seafood three times a week. Poultry (chicken 2 times a week). Beef, Pork, or Lamb 2 times a week. I advise that the seafood be wild caught, and the chicken and meat be organic. Organic because the additives they give to animals for more yield gets into your system and I believe causes or contributes to harmful effects.

One starch. Potatoes or corn or brown rice, or pasta. (Spaghetti and meat sauce is a good once a week meat and starch with a fortified tomato sauce. Cooked carrots or baked sweet potato is a great choice.

One green vegetable such as broccoli, kale and/or collards, spinach, or cabbage. Cabbage and carrots cooked together are a great choice.

It is important that you watch portion size. Our portions are much too big. You can gradually decrease the portion size, as I said your appetite will increase with exercise.

People with health issues such as diabetes should follow their physician's advice with eating, particularly what to eat and how many meals a day.


Supplements can be helpful esspecially if your body is deficient in a specific vitamin or mineral. However supplements should not replace nutrition from food. I recommend taking supplements only 3 times a week and that includes multivitamin and mineral supplements. Too much of many nutrients can cause a damaging affect to your health.

Good Luck and ask for GOD’s help.