Track and Field Coaching

On the Track

Specializing in Sprints and Middle Distance

I have personally coached or assisted in coaching over 20 AAU or USATF National Champions. In addition, I have coached or assisted in coaching countless regional champions and athletes finishing in the top 5 nationally as well as city champions.

I am a USATF Certified Level I Coach.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer.

I am available for coaching or consultation.

No charge for amateur athletes, however there are time constraints.

My Training is primarily related to what I refer as over and under training. If your race is:

  • The 100 meters, training will include 50 meters and 150 meters
  • The 200 meters, training will include 100 meters and 300 meters
  • The 400 meters, training will include 300 meters and 600 meters
  • The 800 meters, training will include 600 meters and 1200 meters
  • And so on…

This training method allows for speed work and endurance for your specific event. The Over/Under Training concept is great from youth thru high school. After high school the more sophisticated training methods are appropriate.

The best aspect of track and field is that there is no subjective basis for selecting runners. The runners line up and first, second and third as all places are decided by competition. In football the starting quarterback of a team can be decided by whatever subjective criteria a coach chooses to use. Thus, a coach can select a relative or friend’s son as the starter. In track a runner should have a way to challenge those ahead of him or her usually in a time trial. The watch doesn’t lie and a camera can determine the winner in a close race. In many other sports the winner can be determined or the outcome can be influenced by people not in the competition, such as referees and/or judges. To be a champion, you have to compete against and beat the best. In that regard absent any performance enhancements, track and field is a pure sport.