Career Objective

Seeking a career in Web Design, either as an independent, Consultant/Web Designer or as a Web Designer and/or Customer Service Representative for an established technology organization. More important I am seeking an opportunity that allows me to use all my skills for the benefit of my client/employer, the betterment of society, and the glory of GOD.


If I am still available when you contact me, then we are both competing against the establishment. It is war. I will help you obtain a web presence cheaper than any of the well known and well advertised Web Host/Web Design Giants.

I am particularly interested in helping the small independent entrepreneur, start and grow their business. I will get the ultimate satisfaction helping a business grow. I believe your digital footprint should be a personal website rather than facebook and/or twitter.

My Experience

I have over 25 years of professional and/or management experience. I am proficient in every management discipline in the business environment and I can integrate all of the separate disciplines into one effective efficient operation. I have been a marketing and distribution manager; worked in sales; worked as a production manager; worked in the budget and accounting profession; worked as a recruiter/trainer and human resource manager for a major restaurant chain; and I have been a director of a non-profit. In addition, I have performed some independent business consulting and had articles published.

I have the ability to foresee problems and/or trends and I understand how to make management adjustments to improve unfavorable variances and problem situations. Planning and executing, then analyzing and making adjustments, are my natural strengths. I can communicate orally and with the written word.

I have worked in every aspect of the food service industry, from dishwasher to chef, including restaurant manager. I also have worked in many different positions in the retail industry. I have varied experience in the janitorial service industry and a variety of experience in customer service.

I have worked as a help desk attendant. I am current with technology and proficient with Microsoft Office and I have experience with Quick Books and Turbo Tax.

During my work career, my co-workers and customers have always known that I am dependable, particularly with matters involving follow-up. When I was a supervisor, my team appreciated my leadership and management approach, but more importantly respected me as a person. I am competitive to a point, meaning I will never cross the line. My biggest strengths are my innovation, and ability to adapt to situations as well as attention to detail.

I have had many different positions and understand the inner workings of most organizations. I have been in upper middle management and an hourly employee. Many potential employers cannot fully appreciate the vast wealth of knowledge that my experiences have enabled me to acquire.

Relevant Education

Professional Certificate in Web Design from Sessions College

Advanced Certification (a BA equivalent) in Information Technology from Catholic University

Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration from Boston University

Computer Skills

  • Web Design to include proficiency in HTML-CSS-JavaScript
  • Troubleshooting hardware, software, and network problems
  • Microsoft Office
  • Photoshop
  • Knowledge of SQL and Visual Basic