Follow-up Letter

June 18, 2014

Dear Jacques,

It is my pleasure to work on your website. We have completed the first version of the “Singing Crab”, website and it is functioning.

We started with the logo you sent us. From the 2 colors in that logo we found their complimentary colors. We used the two logo colors with the light blue compliment which had a better effect than the light green compliment. Next I sent my photographer to your establishment and the photos which were taken were used in the website. We added a singing crab image and music art to your logo to make a new logo. We made a mood board to establish color coordination with print.

With the website we included:

  1. A Homepage, which introduces the Singing Crab.
  2. An About Us page, which included the historical information.
  3. A Menu link.
  4. An Event link, which discusses the Mardi Gras.
  5. A Chili Recipe page.
  6. A Contact Us/Signup page, which is interactive.
  7. A Location Page, with the restaurant picture and a map.

Please note.

1. The print is plain sans-serif. Please send me a menu and we can scan it and insert an original image of your menu, so you can decide between the one we created and your actual menu.

2. We included a footer section with the address and phone number. We also put in your hours of operation. Please check the hours for accuracy.

3. The newsletter signup only includes the email address request as mailing the newsletter would be an added expense.

4. The Mardi Gras (Events) page includes, a web address for information about Mardi Gras in Baton Rouge. We felt this was necessary because most people associate the Mardi Gras with New Orleans.

5. We repeated the paragraph beginning with “Arriba” as the first paragraph of both the “Homepage” and the “About Us” page, because we felt that introduction shows the flavor of the Singing Crab. We will consider changing one of them with another catchy quote that you provide us.

In your letter, you made 3 specific requests:

  • (i) communicates the fine flavor of the restaurant
  • (ii) makes it clear what we offer and how to find us, and,
  • (iii) includes at least one interactive feature—I want customers to register their email addresses so they can hear about new menu items.

We believe the photos and language (the southern drawl), as well as the description of the Singing Crab on the “Homepage”, the “About Us”, page, and throughout the entire site communicate the flavor of the restaurant. The address is also given in the footer of every other page.

The “Menu”, tells the entrees and sides with descriptions of some of the names given to entrees, and the “About Us”, discusses Cajun Seasoning. The “Location”, page includes the address, a map, and details of the Singing Crab location in relation to the main interstate.

The “Contact Us/Signup for our Newsletter”, page allows website visitors to enter their email address.,/p>

Please inspect the website and inform me of any changes or additions you want us to make. Once again, it was a pleasure working on The Singing Crab website.


Alvin Mason

Letter Reporting Findings of Competitive Analysis and Requesting a Meeting

January 24, 2014

Dear Beatrice,

Thank you for choosing Alvin Mason and Company Web Design. Let me compliment you on your astute awareness that a web presence is necessary in today’s business world. We have completed your request of a competitive analysis of 3 of your competitors and a site map.

The three competitors:

  1. Inner Beauty Salon and Spa
  2. Confidence Beauty and Spa
  3. Laser Beauty and Youth Spa

were chosen using the business suffix of “Salon and Spa”, and they also were the first 3 Salons to come up using the Bing Search Engine.

Attached is the aforementioned, competitive analysis with some comments and a site map of what we think would be prudent for the Beatrice Beauty and Spa website.

I want you to contact me to set up an informational interview to make an assessment of your operations. This will be necessary for the following reasons:

  • If prices are quoted on your website you must honor them. Should the cost of any aspect of your operation to include the cost of supplies or inventory increase, you must change the prices on the website to pass on the additional cost to your customers.
  • Some customers prefer the convenience of making an appointment online. However there is still a significant percentage of the population who prefer interacting with people. You would know if your customers prefer talking to the receptionist. When appointments are made online a master calendar should be available to the staff, and they should know and be available for appointments.
  • A newsletter is additional work. You might be able to achieve the same results with e-mail announcements. However, I would urge you to start collecting your customer’s email addresses immediately.
  • One final thought might interest you. Many people travel to New York for the theater and/or shopping. We should investigate ways to incorporate some of the tourist trips with the service of Beatrice Salon and Spa.

    I look forward to meeting with you in the very near future.


    Alvin Mason

    Sample Report

    Results of a Usability Test

    When I conducted the usability test I interviewed 5 friends. Two were a couple, who have 3 children. Both are professionals. One is a friend, who works in internet advertising sales and his company’s services include website management. One is a homemaker. Finally one is a co-worker, for who English is a second language. All of these interviewees eat out at least 5 times a week, and all check the menus of restaurants they plan to visit.

    My first question was, “What do you think of the website, specifically the design”?

    They all thought it was good for a student learning web design, but the internet sales friend did not think he could show it to a client.

    They also all felt the background was too dominant. (This has been adjusted)

    Next I asked the questions from the lesson.

    • How do you feel about the navigation of the Website?
    • They all felt the navigation was good. The prevailing feeling there was not a long wait when going from one link to another.

    • What do you like about the look and feel of the Web site?

      They all said it was good for a student. They felt the website displayed a casual atmosphere.

    • How useful is the Web site?
    • They all stated that if they were going to Baton Rouge, the website would be very helpful. Four of the 5 agreed that when they travel they don’t research eating establishments. However, one of the 5 stated that when traveling they will visit an establishment that they had seen on one of the food networks.

    • How do you feel about the user registration process?
    • All 5 were indifferent to the email sign-up. All agreed they get too much advertisement email from places they have shopped and that requested their email addresses. Three of the 5 said if they lived in the town that the Singing Crab was in and they liked the restaurant, then they would be willing to sign up for the newsletter. They did however all agree that for this type of registration they would only give an email address, because of past experience with solicitors.

    • How easy was it to follow up with customer support?
    • This question did not seem relevant to any of them. It was unanimously agreed that if the Singing Crab answered their phone for questions then they would all feel that there was good customer support.

    • What about this Web site adds value to your day or routine?
    • They all agreed that in the future they would look at websites more diligently and in some cases even scrutinize websites that they visit.

    • What would you change and how would you change it?
    • The person, for who English is a second language, suggested that on the homepage you have the option of choosing between English and Spanish. One of the others suggested that since the Singing Crab is located in Louisiana that French should also be an option.

      Is there anything else that you think should be added to the Web site?

      The couple with children felt that the website did not offer any reason for a family to visit. They noted that they were not likely to have a family outing at a restaurant where only spicy food was served.

      My Hispanic co-worker would visit with his family if they had a kids menu. (maybe less spicy as an option) He noted that there is hot and mild seasoning.

      The advertising sales person would add animation but the other 4 disagreed.

      Finally, they all agreed that a picture of people eating and enjoying their experience at the Singing Crab should be added.


      A focus group with friends is difficult to moderate. People discuss their eating experiences. The focus at times shifted from evaluating the website to good places to eat. It was unanimous that people visit restaurants they see or hear about and visiting the website usually occurs after making a decision to visit the restuarant.

      Explanation Of Blog

      Blog Information

      The client is a group of Baby Boomers who are or soon will be Senior Citizens. Many of us will want to continue working and in many cases many of us will need to work to support ourselves. This group believes that age discrimination exists. In my experience, the age discrimination that I have experienced is just as bad if not worse than previous race discrimination I experienced.

      The name of the organization is, “Baby Boomers Turn Seniors Who Want To Work”. This Blog will be a advocate for seniors who want to work. The AARP, (American Association for Retired People) does not adequately represent the interest of this segment of seniors who are not retired or who do not want to be retired.

      This blog will be read by seniors, people soon to be seniors, and hopefully employers.

      Comments on the blog will be written by seniors who in some cases will be sharing their employment search frustrations.